About Us

Vision Statement

We are a team of functional therapists and clinicians committed to helping our patients rediscover their inner athlete. We believe how we show up for our family, our friends, our work, and the community around us is a direct reflection of how we care for our physical bodies.  Our goal is to make sure that you show up as your best self.

With our holistic and intentional approach to physical therapy – caring for both the mind and body – our goal is to help you improve your quality of life for the long haul – so that you are free to chase your dreams.  

Mission Statement

At Physio, we do not chase pain, we chase your aspirations.  We see you as a person, an athlete in the making, not a patient.  Through purposeful, intentional practices, we get your body to the highest level of functioning so you can achieve your personal and physical goals.

Verrelle Wyatt, PT, DPT, CES, PES, CIDN

Verrelle Wyatt, born and raised in Akron, Ohio, graduated from Copley High School in 2005.

With a running scholarship, he pursued his passion at Campbell University, earning a B.S. in Exercise Science with a focus in Kinesiology. Returning to his roots, Verrelle obtained his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from Walsh University.

Outside his professional pursuits, he excels as an avid and accomplished runner, triumphing in numerous marathons. Verrelle, a proud father to his daughters, Kali, Legacy, and London, dedicates his time to continual learning and aspires to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

Christina Stires, B.A., M.Ed, RYT-200, CD

Christina is an Akron native and alumni of the University of Akron where she earned both her B.S and M.A. in Education. She spent 12 years as a classroom teacher and coach before transitioning into the world of physical therapy.

Christina has always had a passion for the body, what it is capable of doing when well taken care of, and helping others discover that same passion! Throughout the years she has worked as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and running coach in her efforts to share this passion. 

Christina is the proud mother of three beautiful girls, Aria, Scarlet, and Brooklyn who keep her busy and constantly amazed at the beauty of life. Outside of spending time with her girls and work, Christina enjoys running, cooking, and finding personal growth opportunities so she can continue serving others.

Our 3 Phase Process

Ready to get started?

We make it our business to know your goals and dreams and provide an energetic and motivational atmosphere where you can succeed.  

Our Values

Patient Centric Care

Every one of our patients has a story – has a dream – of something they want to achieve. At Physio, you are not a number, you are our mission, and we see and embrace the inner athlete within you.  Whether your dream is to walk your daughter down the aisle this year or PR in your next triathlon, our therapists ensure your care plan is both effective and efficient, so you see and feel your progress with each visit.


We embrace empathy as the cornerstone of our patient-centered approach. Our commitment to empathy fuels our mission to provide exceptional care that transcends physical healing. We believe in truly understanding our patients' unique challenges, pain, and aspirations, allowing us to connect on a profound level. Through active listening, genuine compassion, and a deep respect for individual experiences, we create a safe and supportive environment where every patient and their family feels valued and understood.

Thoughtful, Critical Exploration

We go beyond just surface level pain management in our PT clinical care.  We view pain as just one signal of what is happening within the body’s eco-system. We take a multidimensional and holistic care approach in our practice – from nutrition, to sleep, to understanding work-life stressors – we will work alongside you to ensure we safely treat and mitigate the root cause of your pain, not just the symptom itself.


For both the patient and our practice – our clinicians are constantly searching for and embracing new, innovative holistic care strategies and technology so that our therapy practices continuously evolve and adapt to the needs of the families we serve – not just for today – but for years to come.


Our team understands that promoting and ensuring the longevity of our patients' lives goes beyond extending years; it encompasses enhancing the quality of those years, embracing the principles of holistic well-being.  We take an individual approach to support the vitality and quality of life for our patients and ensure that care plans are sustainable.  By understanding your medical, personal, and professional needs, we can maximize the effectiveness of treatments and improve the likelihood of sustained well-being.

Our work is best displayed by your results

Every one of our patients has a story – has a dream – of something they want to achieve. We are thankful to help them (and you) continue doing the things they love!

Ready to Get Back To The Things You Love?

At Physio, you are not a number, you are our mission, and we see and embrace the inner athlete within you.